When your offshore drilling operation depends on prompt and expedient delivery, think of Marine Transportation Services, Inc. (MTS.) When you hire a boat from MTS you hire our complete marine facility. We take pride in our comprehensive commitment to meet client needs. Since 1974, MTS has excelled in the industry by offering our clients the benefits of quality personnel, staunch vessels and a complete back up system of support facilities.

A marine service such as ours is highly dependent on its crews. We take great pride in our crews. They are dedicated and trained to ap-proach each job with a "can-do" attitude. MTS strives to be accident free through educa-tion and safety incentives.

MTS has its own state-of-the-art diesel engine rebuild facility. Our engines re-ceive thorough overhauls, down to the last bolt. They are dyno tested and are equivalent to a new engine when leaving the facility. We make every effort to change an engine before it fails. Through such extensive efforts, we are able to schedule the down-time of a vessel. Every vital system on our vessels has a back up system.This means we will not be broken down when you need us the most. We maintain a complete line of spare engines and parts.

As part of our complete customer services, MTS owns a shipyard. This shipyard has built or rebuilt each of our vessels. Every other year each vessel returns to the shipyard for extensive inspection, preventive maintenance, and painting.

Our operating, building and maintenance experience have enabled us to build staunch vessels that master the rigors of the offshore oil industry.

Add it all together, MTS is the company most qualified to provide you with prompt, dependable service. We take pride in providing the type of service that lends itself to strong, long-term relationships with our clients. Our dedication to meeting your transportation needs sets us apart and makes us a leader in the industry.